ONIT Global cybernetics

Transforming Digital and Energy Operations with AI-Powered Decision-Making and Automation

We empower teams to elevate their energy and growth performance through digital and energy asset management, driven by our cloud cybernetics platform, innovative strategies, and intelligent machines.

Benefits using ONIT

Lower Energy Costs

Maximize energy cost reductions and resiliency.

Cap Rate Compression

Optimize your asset investments for increased cash flow and reduced risk.


Achieve measurable sustainability goals through structured practice.


Enhance your customer's experience at lower workforce spend.

Our Digital and Energy Services

Energy Use

Engineering and operational services to drive energy efficiency, renewable generation, and integrate intelligent digital systems.

Prudent Investment

Financial and engineering services to improve asset investment decisions and actions.

Integrated Life-cycle Management

Technical and maintenance services to manage asset performance and related digital threads over the asset's life.

Digital Twin

Cut technical complexity and drive digital transformation by enabling the timely capture of accurate data in one audit quality digital twin.

Worker and Vendor

Orchestrate and track time managed tasks of expert humans using machine driven processes to reduce workforce spend.

Consolidate Systems

Enable disparate digital systems to work as one system of systems at lower digital technology complexity and spend.

Global Visibility

24/7 Site Monitoring & Event Management to improve security, reliability, performance, and customer service.

Cybernetic Solutions

Factory and field implementation of new digital cybernetic solutions to quickly transform your business execution.


Turn-key AI-based operation of your digital and energy assets to enhance your existing operations and maintenance.

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