Keep Klean Air

Keep Klean Air

SEAP platform managed airborne and environmental sensing for health, comfort, productivity, and energy savings.

Air we breathe

Humans spend 90% of their lives in buildings. They spend 1/3 of their life in their bedrooms. They should be afforded quality air to breath. Their rooms should have comfortable temperatures & humidity. Providing proper air conditions for safety, comfort, productivity, and sleep make the difference in people's lives and determine where they choose to spend their time and money.

It starts with deploying the right set of sensors for your unique needs of performance. Then sensing there’s an issue and enabling ventilation or other actions to bring these environmental quality issues back to acceptable levels. ONIT's Keep Klean Air wired and wireless sensors sense these variables of safety, comfort, and energy use on a 24/7 basis in concert with the ONIT local controllers and your building management system.

Air sensing

By sensing and generating accurate, real-time, air quality data, ONIT’s Keep Klean Air assesses the quality of the air you breath and alerts you of anomalies that could negatively impact you or your customer’s health or comfort. This sensing is available for use with automatic controllers that manage the air quality and ventilation inside your facility. Installed at the room level and/or inside the air handling unit, the Keep Klean Air solution not only senses temperature, humidity, but CO2 levels, Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), pressure differentials, and occupancy.

Quality fresh air

The Keep Klean Air is able to distinguish between fresh air (i.e. clean air, mainly nitrogen, oxygen and humidity) and used air with additional pollutants. Typically, when people are present in rooms, exhaled breathing is one of the most important reasons for poor air quality in the form of excessive CO2. Knowing the amount of exhaled air contained in ambient air provides the ability to optimize ventilation. High VOC levels contribute to people’s health and well being.

By sensing the level of degraded air or predictive degradation from occupancy in these spaces, Keep Klean Air can direct air refreshment on an as needed basis in concert with your existing BMS and/or your people.