Engineering Services

Engineering and Construction Management

Our engineering and construction management group provides you with turn-key customized digital and energy solutions that fit your enterprise's needs.

Engineering and Design for Energy

We provide the initial upfront engineering and proforma financials to support you in making the right choices of investment. Our certified engineers perform energy modeling to determine the best set of energy and digital asset investments based on your capital investment goals and the state of your facility.

We perform various modeling and analysis to obtain the highest cash positive returns coupled to the identified risks:

- Capital asset planning based on life-cycle analysis
- Solar and energy storage investment grade analysis
- Energy performance assessments
- ASHRAE level II and III modeling
- Retro-commissioning inspection and analysis
- Measurement and verification analysis
- Reliability Analysis
- Risk Assessment

We manage contractors as the construction manager in making sure your infrastructure heavy project is run safely, efficiency, and within budget.

Digital Asset Engineering and Design

We enable smart enterprise improvements through engineering and designing digital solutions that meet identified automation cost saving or revenue enhancement opportunities. We leverage our existing digital SEAP ontology based solutions and combine them with your existing legacy applications. We layer dynamic applications we've created or apply advanced 3rd party automation systems for a seamless and integrated low risk high return digital solution set.

The value is in significant economies of scale in using your high quality data to support AI/ML based analytics and tailored applications that drive your competitive advantage. Data integration is only needed for new data entering the SEAP platform.

We provide the installation and ongoing digital services to these engineered and designed Solutions. ONIT can provide you with a turn-key installed digital Solution and service agreement, or we can train your internal team to understand and maintain these digital intelligent systems.

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