Keep Elevators Safe

Safe and Efficient Elevators

‘Keep Elevators Safe and Efficient’ is an intelligent monitoring system that safeguards your building's elevators from the risk of failing

Elevator Car Monitoring

Elevators are inherently safe in their design to prevent catastrophic failure. But other safety issues arise when elevators fail in place trapping occupants for long periods of time. Time is of the essence, while staff discover an issue that someone is trapped in the specific elevator at a certain location in the building and then someone is dispatched and eventually arrives to safely get them out of the elevator.

Could the failure that trapped the people in the elevator been observed degrading in advance, and that elevator taken out of service before becoming a solitary confinement of patrons?

'Keep Elevators Safe and Efficient' continuously monitors the position of your elevator car within the elevator shaft and provides graphical viewing of the position of the car as it traverses back and forth between floors.

Keep Elevators Safe and Efficient also records the velocity and acceleration of the car to support the understanding of any deficiencies in performance of the car.

Car Jerk is measured every 34 milliseconds to determine if at any point the elevator is failing to control its assent or dissent to a floor level.

Energy monitoring can be added to determine the actual energy savings from different strategies of operation.

Anomalies to initiate inspection

The state and health of the elevator are sensed to ensure that operations are running smoothly, notifying operational staff if things are not working as expected by the Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) system.

The FDD alarm system works in coordination with all ONIT solutions to notify the right people on their terms based on the severity of the incident, minimizing alarm fatigue through intelligent hierarchical smart alarming of operational, supervisory, and customized alarm conditions. A fault alarm is presented with the equipment location, possible fault conditions that caused the alarm, and a list of possible solutions and actions to take based on the detected fault.

Third party power quality meters can be added on the DC side or AC side to monitor the health of actuations and actions, indicating anomalies that only power quality level data can detect.

Business intelligence is available through third party software to mine your data in order to determine if issues are arising over time or when best to schedule car idling and positioning based on occupancy numbers requiring transport. BI integrations are available through our REST API and cloud data integration.