SEAP Cybernetic Digital Services

SEAP Cybernetic Digital Services

to drive and maintain AI/ML infused cybernetics

SEAP Cybernetic digital services

Structured information

ONIT's SEAP cybernetic digital services provide a structured approach of capturing and configuring data and information about resources and assets in multiple topological, temporal, and spatial interdependencies.

The structured ontology management of asset information is integrated to a unified workflow and communication framework surrounding these captured relationships. This ensures efficient high quality decision making, work, and information management over the asset's life-cycle.

Information capture

The SEAP platform tools enable enhanced Enterprise Information Modeling for critical operational decision making and AI based automation.

These same software tools and methods are used holistically in capturing and designing the physical and cyber-physical attributes.

ONIT provides you with tailored engineering and technical services you need to create and benefit from your Digital Master Twin and SEAP cybernetics.

Digital Master Twin Services

SEAP managed data and information integrated with virtual environments and artificial intelligence enable revenue growth and cost reductions.

The SEAP cloud platform provides digital twin reconciliation with a historian based 'Master' system of record.

ONIT's approach of integrated life-cycle management via it's SEAP digital master twin eliminates costly errors associated with process and programming, while reducing costs through streamlined services.

ONIT provides tailored services to enable your firm to benefit from AI/ML based digital solutions that would otherwise not be obtainable on your own.

Interdependency modeling and simulation with artificial intelligence enabled kinetic layers for total enterprise management

Visualize information or simulations to drive optimal active decision making. Enable machine learning based intelligent fault detection in your immersive 4D virtual environments. Automate human and machine task orchestration to manage supply chain, manufacturing, provisioning, installation, and on going management of cyber-physical cybernetics. Our digital services team can tailor the SEAP platform to meet your specific enterprise requirements and help you solve your real world issues through software adaptation.