About Us

ONIT's Mission

Our mission is to provide a ubiquitous 'Working Togetherness' network.

ONIT was founded to reimagine the relationship between people and machines to enable the abundance of cheap clean energy and the peak performance of businesses.

Our Values

We believe an abundance of cheap clean energy is key to advancing peace, joy, and prosperity for all of humanity.

We believe we can advance the existing state of energy production and energy usage to reach energy abundance by applying innovative ideas.

We bring these innovative ideas to fruition by creating products and services that simplify how things are done today, reduce cost burdens, and improve comfort.

We passionately make products and services to run a facility better that ultimately results in secure, reliable, low cost, clean energy generation and efficient use of energy.

What We Do

Our cybernetics based SEAP platform enables an integrated and intelligent approach to operating, maintaining, and investing in infrastructure reliant businesses. SEAP combines the strength of a unified end-to-end structured information platform with system intelligence to create value for all participants.