Task Support

ONIT SEAP Mobile Tasking

Mobile iOS and Android Task Orchestration App to extend SEAP to Field Forces

As an extension to the SEAP cloud platform, a mobile iOS and Android app to manage field workforces for integrated intelligent decisions on workforce spend

Key Mobile App Features

Clock In and Out – Payroll Integration

Extension to SEAP SAAS Work Flow Modules (WFM)

Device GPS tracking for safety of workers

Video and text Chat – Mobile App to and from desktop web browser

File/camera uploads and downloads associated with assets and spaces

Activity management and historian

Personal tasks using same App

Integration to SEAP Virtual Reality

Integration to Email, SMS, and Mobile phone notifications


Below are registration instructions for this mobile WFM Tasking application

Registering to Use the Mobile App

You need to visit the Apple or Google App store to download the latest App to your iOS or Android device. There are two ways to register to use this mobile app. One way is your Group signs you up to include you in their network of tasking and notifications (e.g. Family, Organization, Company) where they register you on the ONIT website at https://www.onitnetwork.com to participate in their Group network. The second way after downloading the app, you click on the 'Continue as a Guest' Click Here button in the application to create a personal account just for yourself using the same email you would potentially share with these Groups if you chose later to join these Groups. In order to use the mobile app you will have to agree with the terms and conditions as stated in the Policy Agreement.

Guest Usage

Assuming you have not been provided access via a Group invitation, you can start out using the ONIT Task Application by Registering as a guest. As a Guest, the 'Me Tasks' functionality will allow you to use the mobile app for your personal task entries, timely reminders, and completions.
While in 'Me Tasks', Click on 'Add Task+' in the upper right of the mobile app to add a personal 'Me' task. Its that simple.

Deleting your Guest 'Me Task' User

You can at any time delete your account with ONIT through your mobile app. If you delete your user access, you will loose 'Me Tasks' tasks you previously have entered into the app. Once you've deleted your account, you will not be able to re-sign in to this deleted 'Me Task' account.