ILCM (Integrated Life-Cycle Management) Services

Integrated Life-cycle Management (ILCM) Services

to efficiently & accurately manage commercial and industrial facilities over their digital and physical life-cycle


Integrated Life-Cycle Management (ILCM) offers a comprehensive approach to managing the complete lifecycle of assets and their related information, starting from their initial conception and design, moving through their deployment and maintenance, and concluding with their eventual decommissioning.

ILCM methodology integrates processes, information, technology, and people. It ensures decision-makers fully understand the long-term impacts of their choices. Consequently, SEAP enhances asset performance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness by leveraging ILCM, powered by proven AI/ML technologies.

Additionally, ONIT delivers essential services that transform ILCM into a pivotal strategy for organizations aiming to boost the efficiency and longevity of their resources. Finally, ONIT's digital services are designed to update you on the latest in ILCM, propelling your organization forward.

ILCM to cybernetics

Bot based automated orchestration of tasks for ILCM

The SEAP platform enables the comprehensive integration of command and control across all lifecycle stages of assets, including planning, engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance. Additionally, SEAP's workflow modules utilize AI to streamline the coordination and execution of necessary tasks, ensuring comprehensive oversight and the safe, efficient completion of work.

Moreover, the platform's capability for detailed orchestration and assessment of tasks performed by both humans and machines allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of workforce expenditures. This meticulous approach to task management maximizes workforce investment returns and enhances customer experiences.

To make informed decisions for optimizing your workforce, it's crucial to acquire and manage detailed workforce data. ONIT stands ready to provide the services and solutions your firm requires to implement this strategy effectively.

If this approach aligns with your broader digital strategy for optimizing workforce expenditures, we invite you to contact us.

Integrated Life-Cycle Management Support Center

The ILCM Customer Support Center empowers your team by leveraging our AI/ML-based digital solutions, allowing you to delegate your technical needs to ONIT. Whether you're interested in partially or fully outsourcing your Support Center tasks, including our unique roving concierge service, we offer the flexibility to suit your business needs. This approach fosters a more robust service-based relationship with your customers, as ONIT's SEAP platform streamlines the visibility of customer information and simplifies communication channels with your staff.

ILCM digital services are both powerful and user-friendly, designed to enhance your operational efficiency seamlessly.

Supply Chain Management of Resources via a Master Digital Twin

Manage your supply chain seamlessly in sync with task orchestration. Monitor supplies and the associated costs of work and production. Issue purchase orders to vendors automatically and effortlessly, based on asset inventory levels.

The SEAP platform facilitates the tracking of inventory replacements for your equipment and devices across multiple facilities and warehouses, ensuring minimal service interruptions. It also manages the digital content, including software and firmware, for precise re-provisioning and replacement.