Keep Komfort

Keep Komfort

For facilities with distributed local thermostats or legacy BMS that are in need of reducing energy usage while improving comfort.

Communicating thermostats are deployed that coordinate with the SEAP platform, local microprocessors, the RTU, and additional intelligent sensing to drive out costs, while improving comfort.

Roof Top Unit Performance

Keep Komfort reduces energy costs both at the local RTU system level and at the facility level, while improving resiliency by intelligently focusing on when to use energy and commanding this usage in coordination with the facility, onsite generation & storage, and the utility’s tariffs.

Customers typically reduce their cooling costs by 20% while improving comfort for customer satisfaction and productivity.

Energy Asset Monetization

Keep Komfort is installed as a direct replacement of the RTU's temperature controller devices and additional sensors. Through Keep Komfort’s integration with the our EMIS-ASO module, commanded temperature modulation enables the facility spaces to be utilized as energy storage to support facility resiliency, energy efficiency, peak load management, microgrid supply/load balancing, and participation in utility demand response programs. Locally installed micro-processors & intelligent thermostats coordinate with the SEAP cloud servers, local microgrid controllers, and your existing RTU to secure un-interrupted efficient and reliable operations.

Intelligent Sensing and Control

Monitoring and control of temperature and humidity is performed typically at the thermostat and in temperature and humidity sensors installed in ducts or the space being conditioned for comfort. The state and health of the RTU and the conditioned space are additionally monitored with occupancy sensing, and power related sensing. Anomalies are sensed to ensure that operations are running smoothly, notifying operational staff if things are not working as expected by the Keep Komfort’s Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) capabilities.

The FDD alarm system works in coordination with all SEAP solutions to notify the right people on their terms based on the severity of the incident, minimizing alarm fatigue through intelligent hierarchical smart alarming of operational, supervisory, security, and customized alarm conditions. A fault alarm is presented with the equipment location, possible fault conditions that caused the alarm, and a list of possible solutions and actions to take based on the detected fault.

Additional monitoring of refrigerant pressure on the high side and low side of the heat pump system enables detection of issues and pre-emptive mitigation of impending impacts to safe and reliable operations. Additions of variable speed motors to minimize energy usage takes advantage of these additional sensors. Intelligent coordinated commanding of refrigerant compressor staging and outside air further improves comfort and energy efficiency.