Facility Microgrids

Virtual Power Plant enabling Microgrids

Clean generation, energy storage, and advanced controls, yielding greater returns and enhanced comfort, productivity, and security.

Energy Supply Management

Energy Management Information System (EMIS):
Our EMIS efficiently manages local controllers for clean energy generators, such as solar and wind, as well as energy storage units. It enables precise control over energy production and charging schedules for facilities or campuses. Through secure communications from the SEAP platform, we offer monitoring, dispatching, visibility, scheduling, optimization, and utility grid interoperability for these local controllers.

Advanced Monitoring and Controls

We integrate energy-producing or consuming equipment into the SEAP platform for monitoring and control, utilizing smart microgrid capabilities. Command and control are accessible via a secure web browser through our cyber-secure SEAP cloud platform. This optimization ensures efficient energy usage while maintaining comfort, security, safety, and productivity. Newly installed energy assets contribute to facility cost reductions, emergency microgrid resiliency, and utility grid interoperability through intelligent dispatch. Automated load management via local microprocessors ensures secure and reliable resiliency against energy and load balancing issues.

Integrated Virtual Power Plant

We integrate energy-producing and consuming equipment into our SEAP platform, enabling monitoring and control with smart microgrid capabilities. Through a secure web browser, you can command and control the system via our cyber-secure SEAP cloud platform, ensuring optimized energy usage while prioritizing comfort, security, safety, and productivity. Our energy assets lead to cost reductions for your facility, bolster emergency microgrid resiliency, and enhance utility grid interoperability with intelligent dispatch. Local microprocessors facilitate automated load management, providing secure and reliable resiliency against energy and load balancing challenges.