SEAP Inspection

SEAP Inspection Module

to efficiently & accurately manage commercial and industrial facilities over their digital life-cycle

Digital Visualization for SEAP Inspection Module

Our SEAP Inspection module integrates visualization capabilities using high-definition cameras to create immersive 3D walkthroughs of facilities. This allows for virtual inspections and asset visualization, offering a detailed view of the space and its contents. This AI based technology enables remote inspection capture, reduces the need for physical presence, and streamlines the maintenance workflow, making it invaluable for facility managers and maintenance teams.

ILCM to cybernetics

SEAP Inspection for Digital Twin

The SEAP inspection module provides a concise methodology to building a facility's digital master twin. Efficiency and accuracy in digital master twin creation requires a solution that will enforce workforce and communication tasks. These tasks are needed to create and maintain the phyical world to the digital master twin as required to meet ongoing visualization, anomaly detection, modeling, simulation, and cybernetics.

Inspection for digital twin

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