Contract Automation

Contract Automation

An AI-powered contract automation solution to manage the development and execution of contracts leveraging the ontology of facility assets and workforce

The Contract Automation software application drives quality and efficiency in contract and project management by integrating workflow with an ontology of assets for integrated life-cycle management.

It facilitates real-time collaboration via Microsoft Word integration, streamlines the approval process with secure digital signatures akin to DocuSign, and ensures all project components—from inception to completion—are meticulously aligned with strategic goals through SEAP's unified Workflow Management (WFM) suite. This holistic approach not only enhances efficiency and security but also ensures transparent, compliant, and successful project outcomes, making it an indispensable tool for modern project challenges.

Contract Automation - Powerful but simple to use.

Workflow contract agreement and inspections

Workflow Integration and Ontology

Our cutting-edge application not only streamlines contract agreement workflows through integration with Microsoft Word for real-time collaboration but also incorporates an advanced ontology of assets for integrated lifecycle management (ILCM). This dual approach ensures that the development of the contract and the project management timeline are meticulously managed via our Workflow Management (WFM) suite's task orchestration. The integration facilitates a dynamic contract creation process, allowing all stakeholders to contribute, edit, and track the evolution of the contract in real-time, ensuring that the project’s scope and requirements are accurately captured and aligned with strategic objectives.

Secure Digital Signatures

Central to our platform is the implementation of a robust digital signature feature, akin to the security offered by platforms like DocuSign, integrated within the context of asset and device ontology. This ensures a seamless and secure method for participants, verified on the SEAP platform, to sign the contract. This process is further enhanced by our application's ability to manage the ontology of assets, ensuring that each asset's lifecycle is considered within the contract. This integration of digital signatures and asset lifecycle management within the WFM suite underscores our commitment to security, compliance, and thorough project execution planning.

Task Orchestration with Lifecycle Alignment

Our application excels in integrating specified project management tasks, including detailed timelines, directly within the contract, managed through the same WFM suite's task orchestration that oversees contract development. This innovative approach extends to the ontology of assets and devices, ensuring that each element's lifecycle is seamlessly integrated into the project plan. Upon unanimous agreement, the contract is certified and converted into a PDF, providing a secure, immutable record for all parties. This holistic approach not only streamlines project management but also ensures that every task, asset, and milestone is aligned with the agreed terms. It embodies a comprehensive strategy for lifecycle management, from the initiation of the contract to the successful delivery of the project, ensuring that all aspects are synchronized for optimal execution and alignment with the project's goals.

Efficiency and Quality from AI

Our platform stands as a testament to the power of AI and innovation in transforming contract and project management. By harnessing the efficiency of task orchestration templates within our Workflow Management (WFM) suite, coupled with template-based Word documents for quick initiation, we streamline the journey towards achieving substantial contract automation. This approach not only accelerates the development process but also ensures rigorous quality control and minimizes workforce expenditure, leading to faster finalization times. Moreover, the capability to precisely budget task timelines and monitor time investment in agreement creation, along with similar functionalities for managing project tasks, significantly drives down costs. Our solution is designed to empower organizations to achieve their operational and financial goals with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness, marking a new era in project management and contract execution.