Real Time Energy Metering

Real Time Energy Metering (RTEM)

Monitor and meter the energy usage of any branch circuit or whole facility through installation of onsite metering and make this information available for decision making, control, and billing

ONIT's whole facility real time metering

RTEM comes with its own revenue grade hardware or is capable of communicating with many types of existing energy metering hardware. RTEM establishes a communication link with ONIT's SEAP platform providing you access to this information and our SEAP Operations Support Center. Installation takes one day, with immediate visibility of real time power usage, totalized energy usage, voltages, and amperages, at 17 second intervals of time. We use this data to compare your utility bill metering with your metered energy usage to find discrepancies in billing. Customized alarming notifies you (on your terms) of anomalies in energy usage or power quality.

The SEAP microgrid controller for facilities also uses this metering data for supply and demand balancing to actively minimize your energy costs and maintain resiliency.

RTEM for electrical branch circuits

ONIT's circuit level real time metering and management provides the means to measure power, energy, totalized energy, and voltage, while also enable switching on and off of branch circuit loads remotely via ONIT's SEAP platform in order to control energy usage.

SEAP's branch level circuit metering provides a 1% or better accuracy in energy metering that exceeds most revenue metering requirements.

The SEAP circuit level monitoring, metering, and switching hardware is also used in our other products such as Keep Lighting Efficient and Keep Kold. This enables metering of these loads to automatically manage energy usage and to measure & verify cost reductions.

RTEM Fault Detection and Diagnostics

As with all of our sensing, our robust artificial intelligence based FDD is applied to whole building or circuit level energy monitoring and metering to alert you or your customers of issues that needs their attention.

In addition, local automated load shedding of loads based on supply demand balancing settings is achievable with our Load Management Module that comes with every Whole building RTEM to shed intelligent circuit level loads or other SEAP controlled loads. This is critically important for resiliency in the event of a utility outage where onsite generation and storage with renewable generation may not be able to carry the entire building's load at every minute of the day.