Sense and respond

AI/ML infused Sense and Respond

Providing turn-key design, installation, and on-going management of commercial and industrial AI and ML based control systems leveraging SEAP cybernetics

Sense - Starts with Data Capture

ONIT's SEAP platform enables the capture, visualization, and historical archiving of your data from real time systems based on your business needs and KPIs.

You can choose any open third party sensors and systems to integrate to the SEAP platform, including your existing legacy systems. We recognize the need and demand for greater flexibility, adaptability, and scalability in IoT systems and traditional monitoring and control systems, so we’ve built a complete end-to-end digital platform for AI based cybernetics that empowers the solutions you need to rapidly deploy integrated solutions.

Similarly manual data entry of viewed observations are orchestrated through communicated Bot tasks designed specifically to retain this data for integrated data mining used in advanced decision-making.

ONIT can provide you with turn-key digital services to fully benefit from continuous data capture, including integrating to your existing business systems.

Health of Assets and Processes

Through the leveraging of real-time data we apply various algorithms such as machine learning to uncover anomalies that need attention. Alerts are then integrated into the SEAP task module to alert and orchestrate action by the right people on their terms based on the ML detected system anomaly or optimization degradation.

As an example, an unusually higher than expected temperature in a freezer warehouse coupled with various temperatures, currents, and pressures coming from sensors on the refrigeration system can be leveraged by SEAP. SEAP's AI enabled fault detection with automated alert tasking can notify a preferred refrigeration service provider to investigate the system for potential pre-emptive response before failure. With its cyber secure controlling ability, SEAP can steer this compromised system to its best position prior to repair.

Setpoint Respond Management

Through hardened industrial-grade controllers installed in the facility coupled with sensors, actuators, and product controllers, the SEAP platform provides the cyber-secure means to remotely change controller set points, configuration, and equipment states. User interfaces allow manual or automatic intervention leveraging our intelligent learning system implementations. The SEAP system integrates with a combination of proven secure controllers and electronic devices, as well as third party devices with an overlay of AI/ML algorithms working in real time to optimize operations.

Benefits include reduced energy costs with reduced greenhouse gases, improved reliability and resiliency, and improved comfort.

Cyber-Secure Monitoring and Control Solutions

ONIT provides the means to create new template based control solutions with control screens and dashboards using existing or newly created monitoring and control based electronic devices or leveraging existing digital systems. The development of solutions for commercial or industrial facility monitoring and control solutions are limited to only the imagination and closed proprietary third party devices.