Investment Financing

Energy and Digital Asset Investment Financing

ONIT provides you with the ability to fund asset investments where cash savings exceed the financed asset investment

Energy Savings Pay for Facility Upgrades

ONIT as your ongoing trusted advisor specializes in determining what are your needs and opportunities in driving out costs through financed energy asset investments.

Unlike other energy cost saving firms that attempt to reap most of the benefits from a contractual performance agreement, which invariably creates a conflict between parties, we strive to reduce your risks by providing the best customized solutions that will save you money. We provide open engineering based energy and financial analysis that we share with you to prove out all of your savings and costs.

We specialize in energy related projects for energy generation, smart buildings through automation, innovative HVAC, and energy storage.

Energy Management and Service

Within the financing of these investments we include wrap around coverage to managing and servicing these assets as your trusted advisor and servicer.

Our SEAP platform provides a proven ability to monitor your energy asset investments and detect issues that could impede on your full monetization of these assets.