Measurement & Verification

Measurement and Verification

An AI/ML digital solution to measure, predict, detect, and report on the effectiveness of changes in equipment or control strategies in terms of energy and workforce resources


SEAP's Verify Solution serves as the cornerstone of our energy analytics suite, providing users with advanced capabilities to assess and compare energy usage from newly installed equipment or modified control methods—collectively known as Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)—against the baseline consumption. By quantifying key metrics such as energy savings to date, CO2 emissions reductions, and total lifecycle energy & cost savings, the Measure module within Verify delivers a robust platform for gauging the impact of new installations or methods. Standardizing with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) is seamless within the Solution, enhancing the reporting of conservation efforts uniformly across the company. Users can also leverage the Measure module independently to generate detailed Measurement analytics reports for on going review of expected savings. M&V facilitates the exploration of hypothetical scenarios, enabling stakeholders to predict the benefits of adopting more energy-efficient equipment or control strategies.

When integrated with permanent energy sensing points, Verify provides users the ability to continuously monitor the efficiency of assets through its AI/ML engine.

Granular IPMVP Entry Capabilities and Advanced Analytics

Our energy solution transcends conventional boundaries by providing detailed IPMVP entry capabilities, facilitating the creation of precise and tailored measures for energy conservation. Users can seamlessly link their energy conservation measures (ECMs) with existing International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) entries within the Verify module. This integration enables a holistic view of energy savings, CO2 emissions reductions, and lifecycle cost savings, equipping users with the data needed to make impactful energy management decisions. The intuitive 'what if' scenario analysis further empowers stakeholders to project the value of future investments in energy efficiency, allowing for strategic planning and prioritization of conservation efforts.

We've integrated the tasks to perform this IPMVP with our Task Orchestration Solution to not only measure the ECM's value, but to measure the human resources in terms of hours, monitoring equipment, and full cost to implement this IPMVP. This provides management with the ability to analyze not only energy value, but human resource costs and test equipment costs to implement this formal measure process.

By integrating to automated work processes, the cost of implementation can significantly reduce workforce spend.

Seasonal Analysis and Customizable Data Handling

Verify's seasonal analysis feature is a testament to its adaptability, offering a choice of five distinct seasonal periods with fixed date ranges that cater to comprehensive year-long analysis. The sophisticated date filtering, coupled with the option to choose specific start and end years, ensures a tailored approach to energy usage evaluation. The Measure module's compatibility with NOAA's and NREL's extensive weather data provides an additional layer of data to the AI/ML engine. Whether the focus is on the energy usage of facilities during operational (ON) days or the different consumption patterns during non-operational (OFF) days, the system's flexibility allows for a bespoke analysis that aligns with the unique operational characteristics of each facility.

Digital Sensor Integration and Real-Time Energy Measurement

The integration of disparate IoT and legacy system data stands as a pillar of our software's capabilities, enabling the conversion of complex datasets into actionable energy usage information at lowest cost. The platform's ability to process real-time data conversions and virtual point amalgamations—e.g. multi-point gas energy readings to totalized kWh conversions—caters to a variety of energy management scenarios. This includes the replacement of traditional energy sources with modern, efficient alternatives, and the precise calculation of energy consumption through advanced measurement engines. The solution's versatility is exemplified by its capacity to amalgamate multiple sensory inputs, ensuring that every Joule (kWh) is accounted for accurately, thereby enhancing the accuracy of energy-saving measures and providing a solid foundation for verification.

With integration to our Alarming Solution, and our AI/ML based Fault Detection and Diagnostics, our continuous monitoring of the efficiency expectation of an installed ECM or control strategy can automatically initiate tasks, on your terms, to review identified detection anomalies in maintaining expected efficiency over the life of the implementation.